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DSE Odisha Teacher Recruitment 2021 general information

District Allocation 

After selection of candidates of each social category, district allocation will be made through on-line or offline counseling or any other mode to be decided and notified later. A candidate of a particular reservation category shall be allocated to a district only against a vacancy of his/her reservation category.Candidates of PWD category and Women candidates shall be preferred in counseling for district allocation. 

12.Engagement after Selection District Education Officers (DEOs)shall engage candidates from District allocation list approved by the State Selection Committee and notified by Director Secondary Education, Odisha after verification of all original documents in support of fulfillment of eligibility conditions laid down in this advertisement as well as other documents normally required by after shortlisting of candidates. the appointing authority to be verified at the time of new appointments. An undertaking is required to be furnished at the time of final verification of documents before engagement in the manner as described in Para 13(C). A candidate selected under PWD category, shall be referred to Appellate Medical Board and only on being certified as PWD by the Appellate Medical Board shall be considered for engagement. The engagement will be on contractual basis. A contract agreement shall be executed between District Education Officer on behalf of State Govt. and the candidate selected on stamp paper before engagement. 

13. Important Points: 

a) This advertisement should not be construed as binding on the Government to make appointment; 

b) Applications submitted by the candidate, if found to be incomplete in any respect and at any stage are liable to rejection without entertaining any correspondence with the applicants on that score. 

c) In the online application, the candidate shall furnish an undertaking in the following manner: “I do hereby undertake that the information furnished in this online application is true. If in future, any of the information furnished by me in this application or any certificate/document produced by me in support of eligibility conditions laid down in this advertisement is found to be fake or if for any reason I am later found not eligible for the post applied for, my candidature as well as consequential selection or engagement if any shall be cancelled without notice. In that event, the authorities shall not be held responsible for cancellation of my candidature/selection/engagement. I shall also be punished as per law for providing false information or producing fake documents.” 

d) The above undertaking which will be a part of the online application form shall be treated to have been signed by a candidate once he/she submits the online application. 

e) Eligibility for admission into examination shall be checked through a computer programme and it will be done on the basis of information furnished by the candidate in the online application and hence a candidate is required to be careful while furnishing information in the online application. Any misrepresentation or suppression of information or submission of wrong data / information by the candidate in the online application will result in cancellation of his/her application. Once submitted, no correction in the application shall be allowed thereafter. It is the responsibility of the candidate to furnish correct information and the authorities shall not be responsible for rejection of application &candidature by system due to any wrong information furnished. 

f) A candidate found guilty of seeking support for his/her candidature by offering illegal gratification or applying pressure on any person connected with the conduct of the recruitment process or found  indulging in any type of malpractice in course of the selection or otherwise, shall, in addition to rendering himself/herself liable to criminal prosecution, be disqualified not only for the recruitment for which he/she is a candidate, but also may be debarred, either permanently or for a specified period, from any recruitment or selection to be conducted by the DSE; 

g) Admission to examination will be purely provisional. If on verification at any stage before or after the examination or even after engagement, it is found that a candidate does not fulfill any of the eligibility conditions, his/her candidature shall be rejected and if engaged, such engagement shall be cancelled. Decision of the State Selection Committee in regard to eligibility or otherwise of candidate shall be final. 

h) Henceforward, all information relating to this recruitment such as final date of examination, date of availability of admit cards,dates and venues of verification of documents, important instructions/guidelines to be followed at the time of verification of documents, dates of counseling for select candidates and other important information required to be shared with candidates shall be given through notification in this website. Candidates are therefore advised to be watchful and regularly visit the website so as to get all important information given from time to time. 

i) Henceforward, correspondence if required to be made by the Director Secondary Education with any candidate shall be made only through the email-id as mentioned by the candidate in the on-line application. 

j) The vacancies advertised vide this notice includes unfilled vacancies of previous recruitments and current vacancies. Reservation for Ex-Service-Men or Sportsmen shall be available in respect of current vacancies only. 

k) A candidate finally selected under a reservation category (UR/SC/ST/SEBC) will be posted as per vacancy available for that particular reservation category in any district of Odisha. 

l) Concessions meant for S.C., S.T.& SEBCby birth are admissible to the Scheduled Caste,Scheduled Tribe& SEBC of Odisha only and such candidates shall have to produce caste certificate from competent authority. 

m) Community (caste status) once mentioned by the candidates under the appropriate box of the online application form, will be treated as final and the same shall not be changed subsequently under any circumstances. 

n) The candidates selected under PWD category shall be required to appear before the State Appellate Medical Board which shall examine and certify their disability after which their engagement may be taken into consideration. 

o) Candidates claiming reservation benefit under Sportsmen quota shall have to produce the identity card issued in their favour by the Director, Sports at the time of verification of documents  before preparation of merit listand also at the time of final verification of documents before engagement. 

p) Candidates claiming reservation benefit under Ex-Service Men quota shall have to produce discharge certificate as well as authentic document issued by the competent authority in support of their total period of service i.e. date of joining and total period of service rendered etc.at the time of verification of documents before preparation of merit list and also at the time of final verification of documents before engagement. 

q) Date of Birth as recorded in HSC Examination Pass Certificate or certificate of passing equivalent examination shall only be accepted.

 r) The word equivalence used in the para 5 C(d) and 14(x) of the advertisement means:equivalence given by Board or Universities of Odisha to the educational qualifications(academic or training) which are mentioned in para 5.B. In any case, qualifications with any nomenclature other than those mentioned in the para 5.B. of the advertisement shall not be accepted. 

s) A candidate must have acquired the prescribed educational qualifications before applying for a post. All the pass certificates and mark sheets in support of educational qualifications prescribed under para 5.B must have been issued by the last date of submission of Online application. Corrections or modifications if required in any part (including appendices) of this advertisement shall be made by the Director Secondary Education, Odisha and shall be notified in the website https://dseodisha.in. 

14. CERTIFICATES/DOCUMENTS TO BE PRODUCED FOR VERIFICATION Only those candidates, who will be called for the verification of original certificates &documents, will be required to bring with them the following documents in original for verification on the date fixed by the Director, Secondary Education, Odisha. They are also required to bring a set of self-attested Xerox copy of all documents, and such copies shall be retained by the verifying officials 

i. Ink-signed (Candidate’s full signature) Hard copy of Online application form with full signature in the declaration/undertaking part. 

ii. H.S.C. Examination Pass Certificate as age proof. In case a candidate has passed any other equivalent examination, such certificate can be accepted provided that equivalence to such examination by BSE, Odisha is produced. 

iii. Intermediate/+2 Pass Certificate issued by the concerned University/Council; 

iv. Bachelor Degree/Shastri (Sanskrit)/Rastrabhasa Ratna/Shastri (Hindi)/Snataka (as applicable for different posts in the advertisement) Pass Certificate issued by recognized Colleges/Institutions; 

v. Training (as prescribed for different posts in this advertisement) Pass certificate issued by NCTE recognized Colleges/Institutions 

vi. Mark-list of the aforesaid examinations (as applicable for the post) 

vii. Odia Pass Certificate from the competent authority as required. 

viii. OSSTET pass Certificate issued by BSE, Odisha 

ix. Candidates who have not been awarded percentage of marks, but only Grade marks should produce the conversion certificate from the concerned University indicating the actual equivalent percentage of marks and conversion formula, failing which, their applications are liable to be rejected. 

x. Certificate of Equivalence, Certificate of Recognition of NCTE and Affiliation Certificate as mentioned in para 5.C(d) of this advertisement 

xi. A "No Objection Certificate" from the Head of Office/Head of the Department in case of in-service candidates. 

xii. Two recent passport size photographs (unsigned & unattested). 

xiii. Caste Certificate by birth in support of claim as S.C./S.T, wherever applicable (Please see Note-I); Concession meant for S.C./S.T. candidates are admissible to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes of Odisha only; 

xiv. Disability Certificate (indicating percentage of permanent disability) issued by the competent authority 

xv. Discharge Certificates of Ex-Serviceman issued by the Commanding Officer of the Unit last served wherever applicable; Ex-servicemen must submit an Affidavit that he has not been appointed against any civil post after retirement from military service. 

xvi. Identity card issued in their favour by the Director, Sports for those applying under Sportsmen quota.

 xvii. Certificate of “One spouse living ’in case of married candidates as mentioned in para 5.C(g) of this advertisement 

xviii. Any other document to verified as decided by Director Secondary Education, Odisha which shall be notified along with date and venue for document verification. 

xix. Character certificate as mentioned in para5.C(f) of this advertisement 

xx. Undertaking as mentioned in para 13(c) 

Note1. : Candidates claiming to be belonging to S.C./S.T./ SEBC category by birth are required to submit copy of the relevant Caste Certificate issued by the competent authority in the prescribed form. a) Women candidates belonging to S.C./S.T./ SEBC category are required to submit Caste

 i) Certificates by birth showing "daughter of ....................................................". Caste 

ii) Certificates by virtue of marriage (i.e. showing "wife of ..........") are not acceptable. b) Community (Caste status) once mentioned by the candidates shall not be changed under any circumstances. c) Candidates of SEBC category must produce Caste certificate from the competent authority in the prescribed form issued within the last three years prior to the date of verification of documents to be conducted as per provision in para 9. 

15. GROUNDS OF REJECTION OF APPLICATION Applications of the candidates will be rejected on any of the following grounds. 

i. Incomplete online application form. 

ii. Application submitted without Processing fee 

iii. Declaration not signed (full signature) by the candidate in the hard copy of online application form 

iv. If the candidate’s age is not coming within the age limitprescribed in this advertisement. 

v. He/she does not possess required educational qualification and does not fulfill the eligibility conditions laid down in para 5 of the advertisement. 

vi. He/she has not furnished copies of certificates/documents etc. as provided under para-14 of the advertisement. 

vii. Submission of wrong information /false information 

viii. Suppression of facts/ information about eligibility, if any. 

ix. If a candidate fails to attend the notified venue for document verification & get his documents verified on the date fixed by the DSE. 

x. Application received through any other mode (expect online through the proforma application to be made available on the website of Director Secondary Education,Odisha) 

xi. Any other grounds as per decision of the Director Secondary Education, Odisha and the State Selection Committee. N.B:- Application/candidature of a candidate shall be rejected at any stage of recruitment process, when discrepancy is noticed /detected. 

16. How to Apply: 

a) Candidate must go through details of this advertisement available in the website of DSE before filling up online application. Applications received through any other mode would not be accepted and be summarily rejected. b) Before filling up the online application form, the candidates must go through the following documents available at DSE website. 

i) Instruction to fill up online application. 

ii) Guideline for scanning and uploading of photograph, full signature &left thumb impression.

for more information visit the official website and notification

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